Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Dessert: BBQ Brandied Peaches 'n Cream (GF of course!)

I know! Peaches on the BBQ! What a delicious and easy way to use those tasty summer peaches. I was trying to come up with a gluten free dessert to make for Matt's parents who are in town. I thought about a cobbler, a pie or even a crisp. Then I thought about how much work I would have to do to make batter or dough. But since it took me so long to look up recipes, I had basically timed myself out of being able to make anything. Then I saw this recipe on Food Gawker. Of course I made a few changes, because I'm lazy and forget what I'm supposed to do. The peaches were really good and better topped with Haagen Dazs. (Isn't everything?)

First you slice the peaches in half and remove the pit. Then you dip them face down in a mixture of brandy and honey, then dip them into a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon. This is the peaches ready for the grill.

Here are the peaches post-grilling ready for ice cream. Aren't they pretty?

BBQ Peaches: How To

There really isn't a recipe per se, just ingredients thrown together. Here's what I did:

Drizzle on a plate: Honey and Brandy- enough to coat the face of all your peaches

On another plate: 1/4 cup brown sugar mixed with 1 t cinnamon.

Dip halved and pitted peaches into honey mix then brown sugar.

Make sure grill is REALLY clean. You don't want old charred chicken bits sticking to the peaches! Then spray PAM so they don't stick.

Grill peaches face down first for 3-4 minutes (depending on how ripe your peaches are)
Flip over and grill face up for another 3-4 minutes or until a knife easily drops through. You want it soft enough to eat with a spoon. We had our grill at about 350-375.

Sooo good with vanilla ice cream! Enjoy!


Crissie said...

These look awesome. I just made fresh peach ice cream last night. I can't wait to grill some up and top it with that!

Gluten Free Mother of 3 said...

Oooh! That would be good! I also read someone had grilled peaches with the brown sugar and honey and then made ice cream with those and you could taste the carmelized sugar bites in the ice cream. Yuum.